Industry Champion Award recipient...

Posted Monday 04 Dec 2023

Industry Champion Award recipient...

This year Robin Scholes received the Industry Champion Award, announced at the SPADA conference last month. This award honours those who have made significant contributions to Aotearoa's film and television industry.

Scholes has been a creative collaborator and producer for some of this country’s most well-known filmmakers, producing acclaimed films such as Lee Tamahori’s Once Were Warriors (1994) and Andrew Adamson’s Mister Pip (2012).

Once Were Warriors was Scholes’ first feature, and it achieved international acclaim as well as earning blockbuster box office status and state-of-the-nation debate in New Zealand. Scholes has collaborated twice more with Tamahori on Mahana (2016) and The Convert, which had its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September this year and will be released in New Zealand cinemas in 2024. Watch the trailer for The Convert.

Her other feature films include Broken English (1996), Rain (as executive producer, 2001), Crooked Earth (2001) and The Tattooist (2007), while her television drama includes The Bad Seed (2018), Black Hands (2020), and both series of The New Legends of Monkey (2018-20) for Netflix, ABC and TVNZ 2.

As an independent producer, Scholes has continued to be a driving force in the New Zealand film and television industry and is a sought-after mentor to a new generation of filmmakers. She is a collaborative practitioner who’s renowned for championing the directors she works with as much as possible as they seek to realise their creative vision. 

Thank you Robin for all your incredible contributions.