Unique opportunity to see vintage Kiwi classics on the big screen

Posted Monday 13 Feb 2023

Unique opportunity to see vintage Kiwi classics on the big screen

To celebrate its 100th year of operation, Auckland’s Capitol Cinema has curated a festival of classic Kiwi films courtesy of New Zealand Film Commission Te Tumu Whakaata Taonga and the Aotearoa New Zealand Film Heritage Trust Te Puna Ataata. The programme runs from February to September and features some of New Zealand’s most celebrated directors, including Dame Jane Campion, Merata Mita and Vincent Ward.

Go and support this centenarian! It's not every day you get to see Kiwi classics on the big screen.
The films are playing the first Monday of every month. The full programme is: 

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6: SMASH PALACE (Director: Roger Donaldson) 

MONDAY, MARCH 6: UTU REDUX (Director: Geoff Murphy) Click here for tickets to Utu Redux

MONDAY, APRIL 3: THE QUIET EARTH (Director: Geoff Murphy) 

MONDAY, MAY 1: THE NAVIGATOR (Director: Vincent Ward

MONDAY, JUNE 5: MAURI (Director: Merata Mita) 

MONDAY, JULY 3: AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE (Director: Dame Jane Campion) 


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4: SCARFIES (Director: Robert Sarkies) 

Visit The Capitol Cinema for tickets.

Image: Hamish McFarlane in The Navigator