Funding round opens soon

Posted Monday 18 Dec 2023

Funding round opens soon

NZ On Air has allocated $23.5m for this upcoming round where applications across Scripted, Non-Fiction and supported Content Development will be considered. Also, in this round are opportunities for Capability (Industry skills and training initiatives) and Discoverability (industry events and awards). This funding is open to content for general audiences. Check out this information here on what they are funding as part of their Investment Strategy.

A minimum of $2 million has been allocated to new projects from Māori-owned production companies.

A minimum of $6 million has been allocated for Non-Fiction content.

A minimum of $10.5 million* has been allocated for Scripted content.

Funding round opens: 18 January 2024

Applications close: 8 February 2024, 4pm

See here for the full funding guidelines.