Funding, funding, so much funding!

Posted Thursday 01 Jun 2023

Funding, funding, so much funding!

There have been a lot of WIFT NZ members funded by the NZ Film Commission recently, for various projects and from various funding streams. We've listed you and your projects below.

Belindalee Hope is one of the producers of the Polish-NZ co-production Joika which received Feature Film Production Investment.

Feature Film Finishing Grants go to:
Ms.Information — Producers Alex Reed and Phillida Perry, Director Gwen Isaac.

Pacific Mother — Writer/Director Katherine McRae, Executive Producer Alex Reed, Supervising Producer Karin Williams.

Two applications to Advanced Development Funding have been approved:
Bad House — Producer Sue Thompson.
Holy Days — Producers Emma Slade and Victoria Dabbs

Eight applicants were successful in receiving Boost funding this year, with a total of over $580,000 awarded. Among them are:

Bloom Pictures — Alex Reed

Greenstone TV Ltd — Harriet Crampton

StellaFilm Ltd — Robin Laing

This Too Shall Pass Ltd — Chelsea Winstanley

IMAGE: Talia Ryder stars as Joy Womack and Diane Kruger as her teacher Tatiyana Volkova in Joika