Laughing all the way...

Posted Tuesday 06 Jun 2023

Laughing all the way...

...Hahaha! Well done to our members recently approved by NZ On Air to receive funding for their comedy shows! Kevin and Co  receive up to up to $1,709,052 for Vince, an 8 x 22 show to screen on ThreeNow and Three, and Great Southern Television receives up to $1,499,541 for n00b also for ThreeNow and Three.

Jono Pryor, of Jono and Ben fame, is the creator and star of Vince, which follows the eponymous television presenter who is dumped by his network after an unfortunate mishap. Scheming with his shambolic agent, Vince is determined to clear his name and get back on screen.

n00b follows a group of adolescent outcasts in small-town Aotearoa New Zealand in 2005 who use the internet and its newly invented social media to escape their depressing realities. 

n00b had its genesis as a successful TikTok series funded in 2021 via Every Voice, a joint initiative between NZ On Air, Screen Australia and TikTok. Since its launch in mid-2022 n00b the online series has had over 1.5m views on TikTok.  

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