Who were the winners at the Doc Edge Festival?

Posted Tuesday 06 Jun 2023

Who were the winners at the Doc Edge Festival?

A round of applause for our members who received recognition for their work at this year's Doc Edge Festival.

Director Kathy McRae and Editor Lala Rolls won Best Director and Best Editor for the film Pacific Mother, which also picked up Best New Zealand Feature and Best Cinematographer. 

Pacific Mother explores the importance of community, reclaiming traditional birthing knowledge and the connection between caring for the planet and nurturing both parents and their children. The jury commented that “This film took the judges on a beautiful cinematic journey that was hugely emotional and told an empowering conversation with indigenous women front and centre of its telling.”

Meanwhile Director Blandine Massiet du Biest won Best New Zealand Emerging Filmmaker for Frances Hodgkins, Anything but a Still Life.

The Oscar-qualifying festival offers the opportunity for the winners of Best NZ Short, NZ Feature, International Feature and International Short to qualify for consideration for the 2024 Academy Awards.

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