Loading Docs for EOI

Posted Monday 18 Dec 2023

Loading Docs for EOI

Season 10 of Loading Docs has its doors open for Expressions of Interest!

The theme this year is ‘Te kimihanga, te hahaunga’  –  ‘Attention’ challenging you to uncover and showcase the unseen beauty and potential in our complex surroundings.

For submissions they are asking for a short synopsis and treatment. Read here for the full details. This is an opportunity to engage in constructive feedback prior to the full proposal deadline of Monday, February 12, 2024. This will be exceptionally helpful if you are serious about making a documentary with Loading Docs!

Loading Docs is an award-winning short documentary initiative, that has amassed over 19 million views globally, contributed to the creation of multiple feature documentaries, and propelled the career progression of over a hundred filmmakers.

EOI will be accepted until 5 pm, Monday, January 8, 2024.