Auckland screen industry workers! Make your submission on the proposed budget cuts!

Posted Tuesday 14 Mar 2023

Auckland screen industry workers! Make your submission on the proposed budget cuts!

The Auckland Council’s proposed budget cuts will have a significantly detrimental effect on Auckland’s screen industry.

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, the CCO that oversees the city’s major events, cultural activities and economic development would lose $44m of funding.

Screen Auckland is funded by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited and is therefore at serious risk.

Screen Auckland manager Matt Horrocks points out that the Auckland screen industry is now a $1.5 billion industry supporting 8400 jobs.

None of that money comes from the rate payer, the only cost to council is 12 jobs at Screen Auckland itself, he says.

It’s important we make it clear to Auckland Council that the city’s burgeoning screen industry can’t sustain that kind of blow, so we strongly encourage you to make a submission via the Council’s online submission form at this link

There are seven questions, each is prefaced with some background information, and options for responses are provided. Each question also provides space for comments. It is important to note that you do not need to answer all the questions.

Your submission should note:

Which specific budget proposals you are interested in – if you are focused on the cuts affecting the arts sector these will be the cuts to contestable grants, the Regional Services budget, local board funding, and to Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

Whether you agree or disagree with the proposed cuts

Provide some information on who you are; an arts practitioner, someone involved in an arts organisation or arts event, or as an Aucklander who values the arts, culture and community.

The draft budget’s public consultation runs until March 28 after which councillors will consider the feedback and make final decisions. The budget comes into effect on July 1.

Find more information at StopTheCuts