Give Black Rainbow a financial Boost

Posted Monday 27 Mar 2023

Give Black Rainbow a financial Boost

Élisabeth Denis' propposed documentary aims to gently unearth the untold stories of migrants in New Zealand. There is a link between migration and mental health, and we want to talk about it, she says.

However, she needs financial help to do this and is running a Boosted Campaign to raise money to fund  production - to financially support the DOP, the director, the editor, the 3D animator and for making props. 

As well as mental health, Élisabeth and her team aim to cover NZ immigration's communications with migrants, the consistency of the rules that apply to migrants in different categories, being sponsored by a company, the partner visa criteria, creative funds for migrants who are artists, getting pregnant while waiting for a new visa, and a comparison between previous criteria and modern day criteria for migrants to stay in New Zealand.  

Click here for the Black Rainbow Boosted campaign

Élisabeth Denis is a French-Canadian interdisciplinary artist who is a columnist for the Raglan Chronicle and the LOCAL RAG magazine.