RNZ's first RFP for the year

Posted Tuesday 28 Mar 2023

RNZ's first RFP for the year

The team at RNZ has been busy publishing a solid bunch of commissioned programmes, including Meng by WIFT NZ member Julie Zhu. Their first RFP of the year is out, you'll find all the details from RNZ below:

Platform Support Opportunities

NZOA - Round Tahi: Primary Platform Support
The NZOA Round Tahi opens next week and RNZ and rangatahi platform TAHI will be looking for a very small number of pitches to support | tautoko into the round.

We are only looking for positive, light-hearted, social-led and fun content | kia pārekareka for rangatahi (18-35 years) to sink their teeth into on TAHI's multiple social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (with secondary hosting on RNZ platforms where appropriate).
Wherever possible the programme should be made by and for the audience (or mentored in a Tuakana-Teina relationship).

RNZ Commissioning have a dedicated email | īmēra; commissioning@rnz.co.nz; this is where we ask you to send your short pitch (a maximum of 3 pages) along with our mandatory cover sheet and information about you and your Production by the morning of Thursday, 6th April 2023 | Rāpere, 6 o Paenga-whāwhā 2023.
*The cover sheet contains important additional formatting, naming and submission instructions that need to be followed. But please do contact commissioning@rnz.co.nz with any questions | pātai.

Other Stuff 

  • Please fully read the NZOA RFP before putting together your pitch for RNZ/TAHI. There is key information which should be noted, for example, under Section C, 'Assessment criteria'.
  • Any pitch received later than the above deadline date will not be considered for this round.
  • We highly encourage you to find a Secondary Platform who will also host your awesome content.
  • Our intention is to shortlist pitches by the afternoon of Wednesday, 12th April 2023 | Raapa, 12 o Paenga-whāwhā 2023 which would give successful Producers two weeks to prepare and finalise full proposals with RNZ before the NZOA submission deadline.

Licensing Info 

  • RNZ Production Agreements require content to be licensed worldwide in perpetuity for all RNZ Platforms such as the RNZ/TAHI Website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels so keep this in mind when preparing your pitch. Email the Commissioning Department if you need more clarity or need to discuss music rights.
  • RNZ exclusivity periods tend to be very short compared to other broadcasters (usually no more than 2 weeks).

NZOA - Round Tahi: Secondary Platform Support
For those productions who are talking to or have secured a primary platform other than RNZ/TAHI but are interested in RNZ platforms as a secondary platform, please express your interest via commissioning@rnz.co.nz by the morning of Thursday, 6th April 2023 | Rāpere, 6 o Paenga-whā-whā 2023.
Note: These pitches may be for any RNZ Audience or Platform.

TMP - General Audiences R1: Platform Support
RNZ Commissioning will only be looking at supporting returning series as a Primary Platform for this round.  However, we are open to discussions about (Secondary) Platform support for projects that are successful in progressing to Stage 2 with TMP.

Please email your short pitch to commissioning@rnz.co.nz if you are interested in RNZ as a Secondary Platform along with our mandatory cover sheet and information about you and your Production, but only if you are successful in progressing to Stage 2 (applicants notified by TMP from Monday, 15th May 2023 | Rāhina, 15 o Piripi 2023).