South Pacific Pictures’ Releases Shortland Street Cultural and Economic Impact Report

Posted Tuesday 28 Mar 2023

South Pacific Pictures’ Releases Shortland Street Cultural and Economic Impact Report

South Pacific Pictures has released a report on the cultural and economic impact of Shortland Street as an acknowledgement of its 30 Year tenure on New Zealand television screens.

The report titled ‘Study On The Impact Of Shortland Street’ was commissioned by South Pacific Pictures at the 30-year milestone of the show. International creative industries consultancy Olsberg SPI, who specialise in the global screen sector and who have also recently completed a report on the economic impact of the New Zealand Screen Sector, produced the study as a way to consolidate the anecdotal conversations of the past 30 years and highlight Shortland Street’s achievements.

The study involved mixed method research, including an economic evaluation, consultations with key industry stakeholders, a survey of cast and crew alumni and a range of primary and secondary desk research.

Olsberg SPI’s findings show that without a doubt Shortland Street has provided the template for screen production in New Zealand. 

From NZD$227 million in direct economic output over the last decade, to some of the most talked about ‘water cooler’ moments on New Zealand television, through to creating the infrastructure on which many other local productions are based, the results outlined in the report clearly support how important this production is to New Zealand – economically, culturally, and creatively.   

The report also acknowledges the acting alumni of New Zealand who have learned their craft from their time on Shortland Street. From actors such as Temuera Morrison through to KJ Apa and Thomasin McKenzie – all of whom now command international acclaim for their work – the report references the importance of the show as a training ground for both actors and crew alike.

“Over Shortland Street’s 30 Year tenure there has always been anecdotal conversation about its many and varied contributions to the television industry in Aotearoa,” says South Pacific Pictures’ Managing Director, Andrew Szusterman. “We commissioned this report in order to consolidate the anecdotal information from over the years, by highlighting the importance of Shortland Street as a significant contributor to the cultural and social fabric of the country, as well as its direct economic impact within the industry.”

“We are so incredibly proud of Shortland Street and its contribution to the industry; and as we build to 31 years on air in May 2023, we’ll strive to ensure the show continues to push boundaries and create opportunities for all involved.”

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