You CAN smile at Brettkelly's 'Crocodile'

Posted Tuesday 28 Feb 2023

You CAN smile at Brettkelly's 'Crocodile'

Acclaimed filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly and Oscar-nominated producer Chelsea Winstanley are running a Boosted campaign for Pietra's latest ambitious project, Crocodile.

It's a coming-of-age story about a group of Nigerian kids and young adults who are making their own sci-fi feature film.

"They live in a town called Crocodile. Nine kids rising out of the swamp of drug trafficking and scamming, rewriting their future... and setting it in a 2049 sci-fi world."

Pietra says, "At the start of filming the subjects were aged between 5 and 18. Together we have continued on the project through everything that life has thrown at us including the pandemic, typhoid, distance, financial struggles, floods, lack of power, being thrown out of home... but above all a combined love for this film has carried us through."

Pietra, a three-times Oscar selected and Sundance award-winning NZ filmmaker, has been self-funding this film for over three years, and editing for five months. Your financial support will go toward things like editing, translations, workshopping rough cuts, soundtrack research and Pietra being able to keep filming until the Nigerians roll camera.

Click here to give financial support to Crocodile