Adventure Film School course in beautiful Wanaka

Posted Thursday 04 May 2023

Adventure Film School course in beautiful Wanaka

During this five-day course, three highly skilled film industry professionals will run modules on producing/development/storytelling, directing/safety/interviews, audio, camera work, editing, special effects, with a final day of student editing and mentorship.

The tutors are Trinity Ludlow-Hudson, Ross Mackay and Peter Young.

Participants will learn insider skills to hone their craft, strengthen their narratives, interact with fellow filmmakers, and will receive tutoring throughout the course.

The school has a definite adventure focus, so you’ll be filming outdoors, around and in water, up and down mountains, in the backcountry.

There are up to two scholarships available for under 18 year olds. Contact the organisers to apply for this:

It’s aimed at intermediate film makers who have either completed the School’s two day course, or have made some of their own simple films.

Dates: 26 – 30 June, 2023.
Cost: $495
Location: Wanaka 

Click here for more information  Email to apply for the course.