Find out what the Blue Book changes mean for you!

Posted Tuesday 12 Sep 2023

Find out what the Blue Book changes mean for you!

Whether you're new to contract work or a seasoned pro, there's a lot you need to know, learn and do.

Come along to this Auckland event for an evening learning everything you need to know about The Blue Book! This book - which contains the standard conditions for crew working in film and TV production in New Zealand - has recently been updated for 2023. 

Guest panellists from The Screen Guild Brendon Durey (President) and Sioux Ferguson-Macdonald (Vice-President) and Christian Gower (Auckland Branch Chair), will walk through what the changes mean for you.

They will also cover The Screen Industry Workers Act (SIWA) which came into force on December 30, 2022, which allows screen industry contractors to bargain collectively.

So come along for food, beverages, and to familiarise yourselves with things like Mandatory Terms or Minimums, The Screen Industry Workers Act, the new Screen Guild rate cards and more.

Don't miss this chance to learn and ask questions of this great panel of people working on behalf of all New Zealand film and television crew. 

Seats are limited so be quick to register for this event. 
Free for NZCS and Screen Guild Members. Non-members $40.

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When: Tuesday 19 Sep 2023 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Horse & Trap, 3 Enfield Street, Mount Eden, Auckland