Funding, funding, so much funding!

Posted Tuesday 12 Sep 2023

Funding, funding, so much funding!

It’s great to see so many projects being funded by the New Zealand Film Commission and even better to see so many have WIFT NZ members involved in them! We’ve listed you in bold below, with your films.

Feature Film Production Investment 

Lomu (Documentary) Logline: Experience the unstoppable force of Jonah Lomu, the greatest rugby player to walk the planet, whose indomitable spirit reshaped the game forever.

Producers: Emma Slade, Victoria Dabbs, Victoria Barrell, Simon Lazenby 
Executive Producers: Leela Menon, Desray Armstrong, Fraser Brown
Director: Vea Mafile’o, Gavin Fitzgerald
Writers: Vea Mafile’o, Gavin Fitzgerald

Additional equity investment

Moss & Freud (Feature Drama) Logline: Over a period of nine months, supermodel Kate Moss sits for a portrait by acclaimed artist, Lucian Freud, who are both transformed by the challenging experience of discovery.

Producer: Matthew Metcalfe
Co-producers: Tom Blackwell, Lesley Hansen

Extended Screen Production Recovery Fund

Womb | $10,000 (Short Film)
Producer: Amanda Jane Robinson
Writer/Director: Kyrah Hetaraka

Season 2 | $29,333 (Series Drama)

Producers: Bronwynn Bakker, JJ Fong, Perlina Lau, Ally Xue, Roseanne Liang
Director: Roseanne Liang
Writers: Roseanne Liang, Dan Musgrove

| $85,986 (feature film)

Producers: Emma Slade, Roxi Bull, Victoria Dabbs

Early Development & Documentary Development Funding

Childish (Drama) | $25,000

When a wealthy doctor suffers a serious stroke, the perfect lives of his wife and entitled adult children are turned upside down. But when they discover he has a secret family, all hell breaks loose.

Producer: Rachel Jean

Where the River Runs
(Drama) | $25,000

Charleston, Otago. 1884. Two desperate worlds collide when a grieving widow and a young pregnant girl are flung together in their fight to stay alive.

Producer: Morgan Leigh Stewart

(Drama) | $25,000

Struggling to accept the disability that detonated her Olympic dream, an ambitious low-vision cyclist finds a tandem pilot to steer her to victory, but their co-dependent relationship soon veers violently off-course.

Producer: Alex Reed
Writer: Pennie Hunt
Director: Pennie Hunt

(Documentary) | $20,000 

The fine art of female creative collaboration in a time of global crisis. From across the hungry seas, a group of artists revolutionise ancient traditions to make a place to stand against the rising tide.

Producer: Dame Gaylene Preston, Susana Lei'ataua, Catherine Madigan
Director: Dame Gaylene Preston

Project Baby
(Documentary) | $20,000 

A transgender woman donates sperm frozen a decade earlier to a lesbian couple.  As the trio navigates their high-stakes IVF journey they contemplate sexuality, gender, friendship, love and the transformative power of chosen family.

Producer: Kay Ellmers, Polly Fryer

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