Misty Flicks Film Festival 2023

Posted Tuesday 29 Aug 2023

Misty Flicks Film Festival 2023

Submissions are open for the Misty Flicks Film Festival in the Waikato.

To enter, your film needs to have an association with the Waikato or the Central New Zealand region, for example perhaps it was filmed in that region, or the cast and crew are from the region, or you the filmmaker will be attending the festival and holding a workshop. 

Misty Flicks is looking for diversity — documentary, adverts, experimental, live-action, music clips — and a mix of genres to bring an eclectic visual experience for those attending, and celebrate the filmmakers who have entered. Submitted films can be completed from any year, as long as they are available on the required formats to screen. 

Misty Flicks Film Festival 25 November 2023

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