Support your fellow WIFT NZ members and give their films a financial boost!

Posted Monday 11 Sep 2023

Support your fellow WIFT NZ members and give their films a financial boost!

Three films with WIFT NZ members at the helm/involved are currently running their Boosted Campaigns to raise funds. Crowdfunding is a wonderful way to get around the challenge of financing a short film, and also an opportunity to include audiences in the filmmaking journey. Find out more about the projects below.

Prisca Bouchet, Co-Director School Night

Prisca’s film, co-directed by Nick Mayow, follows 16 year-old Ellen who discovers she's been filmed performing a sexual act and tries to get the footage. Terrified, Ellen embarks on a frantic journey to find the filmer, and as her night unfolds discovers how far she'll go to protect herself and stop the footage going online.
Contributions will go towards a final shoot day and post-production costs such as colour grade and sound design/mix.

Click here for the School Night Boosted Campaign

Kate McGill, Writer/Director, Gretchen Hatton, Producer Farm

This is Kate McGill's first short film (she has directed various episodes of Seasons 1 and 2 of TV series Raised By Refugees). Farm is a unique and colourful story with gentle, specific humour. While being relocated from her family home to a retirement village, Jeanie begins to believe a cow on her farm is the reincarnation of her dead husband.
Financial contributions will go toward covering insurance, on-set catering, paying cast/crew, locations, and post-production.

Click here for the Farm Boosted Campaign

Briar March, Writer/Director, Caroline Hutchison, Producer, Adam-Luka Turjak, Editor I See You

This short film tells the story of a young mum struggling to accept her baby who has Down Syndrome. Director Briar March, and producer, Caroline Hutchison are mothers to sons with Down syndrome. They both have experienced the issues this film explores. The internal question at the heart of the film is very personal, “How can I see my child for who they are?” A film for all parents.
Financial contributions will go towards post-production - sound design, colour grade, and music.

Click here for the I See You Boosted Campaign

Writer/director Jane Ballentyne, Producers Ness Simons, Robin Murphy and Nathalia Luna of Fired Up Productions

This campaign is slightly different! Jane, Ness, Nathalia and Robin are running a raffle to help them finish off their short film The Worth of Things.

It’s a darkly funny short film about two adult daughters Billie and Max who are trying to let go of the Mum they wish they'd never had.

The film has been shot, the raffle is to raise money for ‘polishing’ and for international festival submissions. Prizes up for grabs include vouchers for Hell’s Pizza for some stylish swag from Moana Road. 

Click here to buy your raffle tickets