Updates from our NZFC

Posted Monday 18 Dec 2023

Updates from our NZFC

NZFC has released new information on what is to come for 2024. At the SPADA Conference in November they spoke to these changes. This presentation is accessible through this audio recording, see here.

Outlined below are some details of the projected changes:

They will be consulting to reduce both cost and size of NZFC. This is in line with government expectations but also to modernise and reorganise NZFC to better meet the needs of the film sector.

In the coming year, some of the cuts include the gender scholarship, interactive development grants, television co-production development, and a reduction in the number of funded short films. They have also substantially reduced travel budgets (domestic and international). Their attempt is to cut overhead costs first, before reducing industry facing initiatives. 

They will be developing the strategy for the next three years and will be consulting the industry in late January/early February 2024. Keep an eye for these opportunities to have input into the future direction of NZFC.