Wallets out

Posted Thursday 01 Feb 2024

Wallets out

Support Tanya M. Wheeler’s new film No More a Victim in their boosted campaign! This film has two days to go, and really needs to good push, so if you can support, please do!

The story is of a Victim and her Killer but aims to subvert the audience's expectations.

They have a fabulous cast and crew - a close-knit team that has worked together before, and 2:1 ratio of women to men on the team. They will be shooting for four days and are looking forward to making something special for film festivals.

Tanya’s directorial debut (with same crew and two of the same cast) Means To An End has been selected in 56 film festivals and has won 47 awards and counting. The entire team is eager to make this new project. Give them a boost. Check out their campaign and video pitch.