Golden Nymph Award

Posted Tuesday 02 Jul 2024

Golden Nymph Award

Madam, a NZ production, has won the Golden Nymph for Best Creation at this year’s Monte Carlo TV Festival and the project comes with long list of WIFT members! Congratulations to writer Shoshana McCallum, producer Belindalee Hope, Crystal Vaega as Executive Co-Producer, and co- producer Alex Cole-Baker and Line Producer Bonnie Blake, with Jen Butcher and Louise Spraggon as 1st AD. It’s fabulous to see a show with so many WIFT women on the team. Well done everyone!

Mack Leigh (played by Rachel Griffiths) is faced with a philandering husband and a mountain of debt, so she starts up an ethical brothel in small town New Zealand to provide for her family and put a new spin on sex and work. The story is based on the unpublished memoir of Antonia Murphy.

The series will be released in Three NOW this Thursday, July 4. Watch it here.

Madam Series Trailer