Inner work

Posted Tuesday 02 Jul 2024

Inner work

Brita McVeigh is offering a workshop later this month.

These are unique creative spaces where actors, writers, directors, producers, dancers and editors all work alongside each other. The process is intended to be nourishing. This 6-hour intensive works with embodied imagination, impulse, intuition and deep listening practices. The purpose is exploration, rather than trying to get it right, or needing to be good. The focus is on the creation of authentic work and how to sustain your connection to it. The work is simple and deep.

For key creatives, this process can offer:

Actors - This intensive works as a back-to-basics refresher for actors looking to reconnect with imagination and impulse.

Directors - Embodying feeling and engaging in imaginative work directly impacts a director's ability to open up to presence, to therefore make instinctive, emotionally intelligent decisions inside any aspect of their creative process.

Writers - Embodying imaginative landscape, working with impulse and feeling, opens new creative portals for writing authentic original material.

Producers - Discovering the simple truth of how deeply an actor can engage with another, strengthens levels of trust, compassion, instinct and communication in your collaborative relationships.

Date: Saturday July 27th

Fee: $250

Apply: with CV to