Two Productions talk Sustainability

Posted Tuesday 04 Jun 2024

Two Productions talk Sustainability

Last month Greenlit hosted a seminar with two production companies that had adapted sustainable production practice on international productions within New Zealand, and in this discussion they shared outcomes, experiences and lessons learnt along the way.

Listen to talk the here, and consider adapting these practices to your future productions!

Not so fun fact from Time article, Film and TV's Carbon Footprint Is Too Big to Ignore: Every year, the global entertainment industry generates millions of metric tons of CO2. Depending on the size of the production, movies can emit on average between 391 metric tons for a small film and up to 3,370 metric tons of CO2 equivalents for large, tentpole productions such as Oppenheimer or Barbie—that’s the equivalent of powering 656 homes for a year.”

Perhaps, it’s not much about needing to be convinced of the overconsumption, and more about recognizing there must be a way to create magnificent, heart-beating art, that doesn’t cost the earth in resources.