We Were Dangerous - Trailer


Congratulations to the team of We Were Dangerous, directed by Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu, written by Maddie Dai, and produced by Morgan Waru, and Polly Fryer, for their selection as the opening night film of NZIFF across the country.

Nellie, Daisy and Lou attend an institution for delinquent girls on an isolated island in 1954. The trio rail against the system, finding strength in their friendship but this is challenged when the school's matron divides them.

Additional amazing WIFT members in the crew: 

Line Producer: Amanda Jenkins
Director of Photography: María Inés Manchego NZCS
Casting: Kate McGill
Colourist: Clare Burlinson




This week in Video Slot: Pain (click to view)

Written & Directed by: Anna Duckworth
Produced by: Ilai Amar

A young girl has an earth-shattering realisation that her father is not invincible, after a cricket accident exposes his vulnerability.

Video Slot: Leading Lady Parts

An oldie but a goodie that helps us laugh at some of life's challenges. 

Leading Lady Parts, featuring an all star cast of familiar faces you are sure to recognize!

Sophie Cherry VFX Producer/WIFT Board Member


Here is a video from Wētā FX featuring Sophie Cherry, a WIFT NZ member for approximately 17 years, and nowadays, serving as on our board of directors!

VFX Showreel 2024 | Wētā FX

Discover the extraordinary worlds and dynamic characters created by Wētā FX in iconic movies Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Avatar: The Way of Water, Cocaine Bear, The Lord of the Rings, Alita: Battle Angel, Avengers: Infinity War, The Last of Us and more!

Ladakh | Is Peaceful Coexistence Possible?

Here is a film made by WIFT member Pia Sidhwa and Vinny Lohan.

Although, this film was made in 2021, it feels more and more relevant with the state of our global human family.  The documentary features people from the geo-religious groups of: Sikh, Muslim, Ladakhi Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist (refugees).

‘We are doing four immeasurable things: immeasurable love, immeasurable joy, immeasurable compassion, immeasurable equality.’ – quote from Tibetan Monk, Lama Paldan

After The Party - Trailer

Last week, Robyn Malcolm from the series, After the Party, won Best Actress at the prestigious Séries Mania Film Festival in Lille, France!

The project was produced by Helen Bowden, Liz DiFiore, and Peter Salmon and line produced by Pamela Harvey-White.

Check out the trailer, and if you haven't seen the show, go to TVNZ on Demand

The Moon is Upside Down - Trailer

THE MOON IS UPSIDE DOWN is written and directed by Loren Taylor, produced by Philippa Campbell and Georgina Conder and distributed in New Zealand and Australia by Vendetta Films.

Just Kidding, I Actually Love You


Just Kidding, I Actually Love You  is a bittersweet romcom short. When a runaway fiancée breaks in to execute an ill-advised romantic gesture, she is confronted with evidence that her ex is happier without her and must backpedal to escape unseen.

Written by Anna Rose Duckworth and Ali Burns
Directed by Anna Rose Duckworth
Produced by Casey Latch and Mikaela Rüegg

I Stand For Consent


Director Liv McClymont

In 2022, Avonside Girls High students took a courageous stand against sexual harassment by commissioning a groundbreaking survey. The results revealed the disturbing prevalence of sexual harm among students, which unfortunately reflects the wider issue of sexual harm across New Zealand. I Stand For Consent follows Liv McClymont's journey back to her former highschool Avonside, where, as a survivor of sexual assault herself, she supports the students' call for consent education in all schools across Aotearoa.

Capital Champions: Cine Queens Speak

On 3 May we presented the workshop Capital Champions: Cine Queens Speak in Wellington at Park Road Post and with generous support from Wētā FX we are delighted to be able to share this significant workshop with you all.

Get a coffee or glass of wine and sit back to hear from Academy Award winner Philippa Boyens, Dame Gaylene Preston and Dame Miranda Harcourt in conversation with Miranda Manasiadis. This is a workshop for the archives!!

Cheng Beng


Cheng Beng, written and directed by Hweiling Ow and Peter Haynes, and produced by Morgan Leigh Stewart for the Unreal Engine short film challenge 2022.

A lonely man in the afterlife who constantly receives material goods from his family on Earth must find a way to tell them what he really wants—a dog.

Lost & Found

Directed by Anna Duckworth, this Lou'ana Whitney (aka Lou'ana) single is inspired by the 70's disco era. Lost & Found was filmed in the now-closed Khuja Lounge on Auckland's Karangahape Rd.



Directed by Alyx Duncan and produced by Emma Mortimer, Kingmaker is the 4th single from Tami Neilson's  album of the same name.

Filmed in Auckland's St James Theatre.

Better Daze


Winner of the 2022 NZ on Air Best Music Video Zoe McIntosh and Frith Armstrong for Better Daze by Hoss. 

Morning Heat


Mountain Boy's Morning Heat music video, directed by Rachel Ross

Morning Heat

First To See The Sun


Singer songwriter Amy Bowie's beautiful upbeat song features in Project Sunrise - Te Whitinga o te Rā, for Songbroker. 

First To See The Sun

What's Going On?


With fresh visuals and King Kapisi-produced beats, Cook Islands / Jamaican New Zealand-born artist Teremoana Rapley asks the question to which we all want to know the answer!

What's Going On?

Eye To Eye


Directed by Anna Rose Duckworth, cinematographer Nina Wells, producer Morgan Leigh Stewart.

Lou'ana's stunning retro style music video.




Directed by Ella Hope-Higginson.

A waitress finds herself unable to speak up when put in a harmful situation by a customer in a position of power.




Edited by Kerry Roggio, DOP - Kelly Chen.

Polly likes dogs more than humans. Will her secret be exposed?


Friday Tigers | Ngā Taika o te Rāmere


Written and directed by Aidee Walker.

When a blossoming friendship threatens to expose a young mother's make-believe world of bumblebees, tigers and wolves, she must find the courage to face her not-so-perfect reality for the sake of her daughter.

Friday Tigers 



Directed by Lauren Porteous

Loner is a six-part web series that explores friendship, love and loneliness and reminds us that the only way things change is through action. The series won Best Narrative Director at the 2020 NZ Web Fest Awards. 

Loner episodes


The Last Man On Earth

Writer/director April Phillips

In the aftermath of a global pandemic a handful of survivors learn what makes a human being worthy of survival. 

Rain of the Children

A woman walked between the worlds of the living and the dead, searching for her lost children. Vincent Ward's most personal film to date.


The memorable true story of Sylvia Ashton Warner who overcame many obstacles to become an internationally acclaimed teacher and a best selling writer.

Hot Air - a documentary


Hot Air is a long form documentary about the politics of climate change in New Zealand. By Alister Barry and Abi King-Jones.

After a sell-out Wellington premiere at the International Film Festival, and nomination as a finalist in NZ Film Awards Best Documentary and Best Editing, HOT AIR won the 2013 Bruce Jesson Senior Journalism Award.

How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved The Kumara


Produced by Arani Cuthbert.

When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940’s they found an unlikely way to return the gift - by saving the almighty kumara.

How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved The Kumara

Fresh Air: Chatting About Covid-19 In Auckland


Bayley Broome Peake and Hayley Craig took to the streets (well, the end of their driveway), to see how their neighbours were feeling during New Zealand's first Covid lockdown.


The Tide Keeper


Director Alyx Duncan.

One night an old seaman dreams the ocean into his bed. His sea green sheets become the polluted waters of his worst nightmare. His own mortality is at risk as his household objects begin to suffocate him.

The Tide Keeper 

Do No Harm


Written and directed by Roseanne Liang.

A resolute surgeon is forced to break her physician’s oath after gangsters barge into her theatre, and interrupt an operation on a mysterious patient.

Do No Harm

OK Chloe


Producer Letisha Tate-Dunning

Millennial MP, Chlöe Swarbrick, challenges the establishment during the most important year of her political career.

OK Chloe

There once was an Island

Director and writer Briar March.

Three people in a unique Pacific Island community face the first devastating effects of climate change, including a terrifying flood. Will they decide to stay with their island home or move to a new and unfamiliar land, leaving their culture and language behind forever?

Out of the Blue


On November 13th 1990, in the small New Zealand seaside town of Aramoana, local man David Gray took a high-powered automatic weapon and shot dead 13 people. It remains the worst mass murder in New Zealand history.

Black Sheep

On a vast sheep station a reckless genetic engineering experiment goes horribly wrong, turning sheep into blood-thirsty killers.

Brother Number One

Brother Number One follows Rob Hamill to Cambodia seeking justice for his brother, murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime in 1978.