On stage at the Basement

Posted Tuesday 04 Jun 2024

On stage at the Basement

We are very excited for WIFT member Isla MacCleod for she is directing a play that will be on at the Basement Theatre this month! 

WINK, written by one of America's most-produced playwrights, Jen Silverman, is a dark comedy about the thin veil between our capacity for civility and savagery. 

The suburban dream is clawed apart for a dissatisfied housewife, when her cat Wink goes missing. Her breadwinning husband has grown emotionally distant because he secretly skinned Wink. The couple's lonely therapist toils to restore equilibrium to their lives, but everything is upended when Wink comes back looking for revenge. 

Show details here on the Basement website
Instagram page here
Book tickets here ($18-$28) on iTicket website

WINK at Basement Theatre is proudly brought to you by Director Isla Macleod, Hekerua Bay Productions & A Moral Tale.

Congratulations Isla, we are looking forward to seeing this story on stage!