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WIFT NZ Corporate Partnership Information

Information for companies on becoming a corporate partner with WIFT NZ.

The WIFT NZ Constitution

The WIFT NZ Constitution as at 2021. 

WIFT NZ discount partners

The following discounts are available on presentation of your WIFT membership card.
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First decade of WIFT in NZ

This timeline, researched and written by Helen Martin, traces the history of Women in Film and Television, from the establishment of WIF in Los Angeles in 1973, through the founding of WIFT Wellington in 1994, to the tenth anniversary of WIFT Auckland in 2005.

NZ Industry

Casting Guidelines NZ

These guidelines, prepared by NZ Casting Directors in consultation with NZ Actors Agents, outline reasonable expectations in the casting process in the context of the New Zealand screen industry.

Framing Short Film: Cultural Nationalism and Economic Rationalism in NZ Film Policy

Past WIFT NZ administrator Emma Blomkamp has kindly made available her MA thesis for reference on our site. It may interest researchers, students, and anyone seeking to gain an understanding of New Zealand's recent history of short films (especially 1997-2007) and NZFC film funding policy.

Equity NZ Intimacy Guidelines 2020

Equity NZ Intimacy Guidelines, as at 2020.

DEGNZ Workflow Best Practice Guide: printable

Produced by DEGNZ, this online resource outlines Workflow best practice for editors and producers who are working on productions that require external post-production houses, larger budgets and longer schedules to ensure a trouble-free post phase for your production.

Published 2020

NZ Writers Guild Collaboration Agreement

The New Zealand Writers Guild Collaboration Agreement.

NZ Writers Guild Collaboration Advanced Agreement

The New Zealand Writers Guild Collaboration Advanced Agreement.

Directory of international feature film sales agents

This directory of international feature film sales agents is compiled by Screen Australia, and provides a snapshot of companies representing Australian films around the world.
Included within are details of each seller’s acquisition policy, which markets they attend, at what stage they prefer to be approached and whether they pay
advances.There’s also a list of the Australian films that agents have handled. 

Last updated December 2020.

Local film distributors list

This directory provides details of companies interested in the distribution of independent film in New Zealand. It also includes titles they have recently distributed here. 
Last updated April, 2021, by the New Zealand Film Commission.

A practical guide to great key art

A poster or trailer is an audience’s first introduction to a film or series. Carnival Studio has produced a no-nonsense guide to creating great key art, so your project gets the amount of eyeballs and bums on seats that it deserves!

Australia/New Zealand Electrical Safety Standard Revision

The AS/NZS 4249 is the Electrical Safety Standard that productions in Australia and New
Zealand work to.

It opened for Public Comment on 27 October 2021 and will close for comment 29 December, 2021.

It makes reference to other Standards in particular AS/NZS3000 Electrical Installations
(Wiring Rules) and AS/NZS 3002 Electrical Installations Shows Carnivals and Events.

The last revision to this document was 1994.

Published 23 November, 2021

ScreenSafe guidance on workplace bullying

Guidance on the prevention and response to bullying in the New Zealand screen industry.
This information is primarily based on guidance issued by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Updated 14 December 2021

Sound post rates card: Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand

This document created by the Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand is intended to provide guidance for composers and screen producers on what constitutes a reasonable fee for original music commissioned for New Zealand screen productions.

Published May 2022

Composer fee card: Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand

This document created by the Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand is intended to provide guidance for composers and screen producers on what constitutes a reasonable fee for original music commissioned for New Zealand screen productions.

Published May 2022

Screen Industry Child Safety Guidelines

These guidelines from ScreenSafe set minimum recommended standards for the screen sector to
create and maintain child safe environments, free from abuse, exploitation and hazards.

Click here for the ScreenSafe Code of Conduct

Click here for ScreenSafe Reporting guidelines

Published 8 March 2022.

DEGNZ recommended rates for directors 2021

The DEGNZ Directors’ Rate Card is designed to reinforce the Screen Directors right to adequate fees, fair contracts and reasonable working conditions.

Published 2021


The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind-the-Scenes Employment of Women on the Top 250 Films of 2009

This 2009 Film Industry Study by Dr. Martha Lauzen, a professor at San Diego State University, details the small - and in some fields declining - proportion of women directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors working on American films.

Research into NZ's Independent Documentary Sector

Following on from the WIFT Documentary Hui in 2007, Creative NZ and NZFC commissioned a report researching New Zealand’s independent documentary sector. The report identifies current barriers and opportunities and presents the views of documentary makers on ways to support the career paths of those in the sector and enhance documentary making opportunities in New Zealand.

NZFC Review - Submissions

In 2009, the NZ Government announced a review of the New Zealand Film Commission to be led by New Zealand film-maker Peter Jackson and David Court, Head of Screen Business at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School. WIFT NZ was one of 57 submitters whose submissions to the review team cam be read in this document.

Feature films made in NZ from 1939-2013

The New Zealand Film Commission's list of feature films made in NZ from 1939-2013.

Feature films made in NZ from 2013 to October 2020

The New Zealand Film Commission's list of feature films made in NZ from 2013 to October 2020.  

UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report 2020 - Television

This report examine relationships between diversity and the bottom line in the Hollywood entertainment industry. It examines 453 scripted broadcast, cable and digital platform television shows from the 2017-18 season and 463 such shows from 2018-19 in order to document the degree to which women and people of colour are present in front of and behind the camera. It discusses any patterns between these findings and conventional and social media audience ratings.

CCIA Best Practice Guide

This Best Practice Guide provides guidelines for screenwriters and producers to work
together in a way that is productive, collaborative, and constructive.

NZ On Air: Where Are The Audiences? 2021 report

Young New Zealanders are continuing to lead a march away from traditional media, Netflix is still growing at pace, but TV is still the media New Zealanders spend the most time with overall in a day. 

The latest results from the series survey Where Are The Audiences? reveal audience behaviour in 2021, and how this compares to the 2020 survey which was carried out after the country’s first COVID-19 nationwide lockdown*.  

Magazine Archive

WIFT NZ Awards 2010

'Celebrating Women Changing the World One Frame at a Time.' Features updates from the Executive, President and Vice President of WIFT NZ, profiles on Claudia Pond-Eyley and Marian Evans as well as information about the WIFT Awards 2010 finalists.

WIFT Magazine Summer 10

Video piracy and Intellectual Property: the debate; Patsy Reddy: the woman at the helm of the NZFC Board; WIFT mentors making a difference; Matchmover and 3D tracker Marzena Zareba fleshes out her job description.

WIFT Magazine Autumn 2008

WIFT Going National; Women on Boards; Making Movies with Pietra Brettkelly; Mediascape - watching the watchers; promo producer and motion graphics artist Karlie Fisher explains what she does.

WIFT Magazine Winter 2008

This issue features Grass Roots News; Sorting out the Big Stuff with Sian Jaquet; an up date on the 48HOUR Film Festival, and Anna Marbrook's Table Plays.

WIFT Magazine Summer 2009

This issue has a feature on US filmmaker Alexis Krasilovsky, scriptwriter Caley Martin outlines a normal week on the storyboarding team for Shortland St, Mary Anne Bourke and Sophie Cherry explain how the Robin Laing Scholarship has boosted their careers and in What I Do, key grip Annie Frear outlines what her job entails.

WIFT Magazine Winter 2009

This issue has a feature on Caterina De Nave, a history of WIFT in New Zealand, Zen And The Art Of Documentary by camera operator Samara McDowell, and in What I Do, colourist Kim Hickey outlines her job.

Financial Statements

Covid-19 industry information

ScreenSafe Saliva Surveillance Testing information

Information for the screen industry on saliva surveillance testing.

Published 11 October, 2021

ScreenSafe – COVID-19 Protocols - The End of the Traffic Light System

ScreenSafe's announcement and guidelines on the end of the Traffic Light System and safety protocols for the screen industry.

Published Wednesday, 14 September 2022