Casting Guidelines NZ

These guidelines, prepared by NZ Casting Directors in consultation with NZ Actors Agents, outline reasonable expectations in the casting process in the context of the New Zealand screen industry.

Framing Short Film: Cultural Nationalism and Economic Rationalism in NZ Film Policy

Past WIFT NZ administrator Emma Blomkamp has kindly made available her MA thesis for reference on our site. It may interest researchers, students, and anyone seeking to gain an understanding of New Zealand's recent history of short films (especially 1997-2007) and NZFC film funding policy.

DEGNZ Workflow Best Practice Guide

A helpful resource for organising your production's workflow. DEGNZ Workflow Best Practice Guide 

If you’re working on productions that require external post-production houses, larger budgets or longer schedules, this industry-standard will help ensure a trouble-free post phase for your production.

Packed full of knowledge, tips, templates and examples, this Guide is for editors, producers and anyone who feels their workflow knowledge is a tad rusty.


Equity NZ Intimacy Guidelines 2020

Equity NZ Intimacy Guidelines, as at 2020.

ScreenSafe Workplace Bullying Guidance

ScreenSafe's guidance on the prevention and response to bullying in the New Zealand screen industry.

NZ Writers Guild Collaboration Agreement

The New Zealand Writers Guild Collaboration Agreement.

NZ Writers Guild Collaboration Advanced Agreement

The New Zealand Writers Guild Collaboration Advanced Agreement.

Directory of international feature film sales agents

This directory of international feature film sales agents is compiled by Screen Australia, and provides a snapshot of companies representing Australian films around the world.
Included within are details of each seller’s acquisition policy, which markets they attend, at what stage they prefer to be approached and whether they pay
advances.There’s also a list of the Australian films that agents have handled. 

Last updated December 2020.

Local film distributors list

This directory provides details of companies interested in the distribution of independent film in New Zealand. It also includes titles they have recently distributed here. 
Last updated April, 2021, by the New Zealand Film Commission.

Māori Television proposal cover sheet + How To guide

This downloadable coversheet is essential to all Māori Television RFPs. There's a useful checklist/How To guide here as well.

ScreenSafe: Covid-19 / Delta outbreak Level 2 update

Here is ScreenSafe's Covid-19 / Delta outbreak Level 2 update, as of 7 September 2021.

Emerging Producers Intensive Workshop 2022 information

With the support of the NZ Film Commission, WIFT and SPADA are delighted to be again running a 6-day intensive course for 20 emerging producers. 

Find all the information you need to know here.