First Stephen Follows Post for the Year

Posted Monday 25 Jan 2016

Last year we started with  a very successful camera accessories workshop with Aliesha Staples.  This year we'll be following on with a workshop on lenses so until then this data from Stephen Follows might get you in the mood!

This week's article looks at the numbers behind Hollywood's move from 35mm film to digital film cameras.

Read the article:

He collected data on the cameras used on top grossing films of the past 20 years, looking at:

  • When digital began the de facto standard,
  • How many films still use 35mm film,
  • How it varies by genre,
  • Which digital cameras are used the most often,
  • The lifespan of a new digital camera.

And as a bonus in the same article, he has looked at the numbers behind Hollywood's changing aspect ratios from 1.85:1 to 2.35:1

This article came from a reader's question so, as always, if there's something you want Stephen to take a look at then just email him at

From The Archive: Here's an article from last year looking at the costs of running a Hollywood Oscar campaign