Senior Communications Advisor

Posted Tuesday 14 Dec 2010

Here's a unique opportunity for one communications specialist - or two - in the world of film and broadcast funding. The New Zealand Film Commission and NZ On Air are separate Crown entities that invest in New Zealand films and broadcasting. In a spirit of cooperation, they've realised they both need the same kind of person for new positions but that there's not enough work for a full timer each. So this is a chance -


  • either for one communications specialist wanting to contract with each organisation for an average of 20 hours per week each (namely, full time in total);
  • or for two separate people to undertake a part time contract, each with one agency

NZ On Air has just completed a communications audit. They want you to pick this up and run with refreshing their communications strategy. They're looking for improvements in strategy execution, in the consistency and vibrancy of messaging, in developing social media engagement and in raising the profile of NZ On Air's content investments.

The NZ Film Commission want someone to provide strategic and operational advice so innovative and effective communication strategies and policies are developed and put in place. They want someone to enhance communications to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed about the NZFC's goals, programmes and activities.

As well, both agencies need you to plan, write and publish comprehensive annual reports, statements of intent and occasional other print publications. Writing and editing website content, media releases and bi-monthly newsletters, along with media liaison, will also round out the job.  Actual work hours may be flexible, depending on the activity schedule to be agreed each month. Engagement details will be finalised with the successful candidate(s).


For more information, see the NZ On Air site.