Documentary Edge Festival

Posted Tuesday 12 May 2015

SCREEN EDGE FORUM 29 May (AUT, Auckland) and 4 June (Park Road Post, Wellington)

The Documentary Edge Festival will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary as Australasia's premiere international competitive documentary festival. Over the last ten years, it has showcased the best award winning and critically acclaimed New Zealand and international documentaries. It also brought leading filmmakers and key industry leaders to speak at their film screenings.

In 2015, Documentary Edge Festival will feature a new side-bar, Story Edge. This will allow audiences to enter new story-worlds and immersive sensory experience. We will bring cutting edge digital interactive stories to New Zealand allowing audiences to engage with exciting innovations to enhance storytelling like virtual reality and gaming. We will also curate an exciting range of topics for our Doc Talks, the Documentary Edge series of contemporary talks by filmmakers and subjects.

Screen Edge Forum is the accompanying industry event that serves to bring local and international industry together to discuss innovations, opportunities and other important topics affecting the screen industry. It will educate and broaden the minds of filmmakers and interested audiences like students and teachers. Screen Edge has launched many documentary projects that have gone onto critical success. Screen Edge Forum will include the following sessions:

  • Keynote Address: Chris McDonald, President of Hot Docs, Toronto
  • Master-class: Sweet Micky for President with Ben Patterson (Director), Karyn Rachtman (Producer) and Pras Michel (Producer Subject and award-winning musician from the Fugees)
  • Master-class: From The Ground Up - Sound For Documentary Filmmakers with Nigel Scott and a panel from Park Road Post
  • Master-class: (T)ERROR with Lyric R. Cabral (Co-director)
  • Introducing: Story Edge - taking story and audiences to the next frontier through digital interactive storytelling.
  • In Conversation: with Chris Mc Donald, President of Hot Docs, Toronto (Auckland only)


Industry booking rate is $90.00. For more details and to purchase tickets to the Forum, log on to