Wifters funded for educational kids' programmes

Posted Wednesday 29 Apr 2020

Kitchen science

And a round of applause to these members who received funding from NZOA to renew their entertaining and educational shows for kids on HEIHEI.

Gibson Group up to $249,000 for Creepy Crawly Cooking.

Greenstone TV up to $239,967 for Kitchen Science 2.

Tikilounge Productions up to $207,500 for The Adventures Of Tinka Lalala And The Magic Moana.

Attitude Pictures up to $205,260 for George And Me 3: Saving Lives.


Michelle Dickinson in Kitchen Science

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Wifters shine in NZOA "Fresh" funding round

Posted Wednesday 29 Apr 2020

Congratulations to members who received funding from NZ On Air in its 'Fresh Opportunities' funding round. NZOA is fast-tracking into production a diverse range of new content ensuring there's a pipeline of work for the production sector post-lockdown (and during lockdown where safely possible.) The latest round called for applications meeting NZ On Air's 'Fresh opportunities' objectives which encourages innovation and opportunities for different storytellers.

Here are the WIFT member funding recipients:

TVNZ up to $350,000 for Young And� for TVNZ On Demand.

Annie Goldson up to $203,605 for Cry Of Whakaari, Run Lola Productions for Three.

Notable Pictures up to $173,404 for Sex And Prejudice, RNZ.
Attitude Pictures up to $144,815 for The Red Carpet Attitude Awards 2020, TVNZ 1, and up to $205,624 for Inside Out, AttitudeLive.com.